Health Information 

We appreciate that you always push on - View More Details - at the mini cart to read the contents before adding to cart page and checking out of your cart, as you might be allergic to some of the products

NRT - Thermo

Thermo Box

Thermo Box Policy 

Thermo Box must be kept properly after receiving your products, and must be Carefully placed outside on the next purchase. Additional cost may apply failing to do so. You can equally send us return order by using Return Thermo Box [Button] under the Thermo Box image or use [Return Thermo Box]  from the Shop. Do please read our privacy and terms of service during checking out of your cart or view on the bottom page. 

Our Goals

Our  goals are to participate more towards people's need and to ensure the best service according to their request. We want to use this opportunity to also reach more people towards their need within many Cities and regions in Norway.  

We specifically, starting within the City and areas listed and gradually develop to all parts of the Country.  We appreciate your opinion towards our service by giving us - online chat - regarding the expansion of our delivery regions in Oslo and all parts of Norway.